Sunday, 23 September, 2018


Singapore Hawkers Cleaning Saga

Contribute by Lim Boon Teck After months of debating and this is still going on? Seem like party are losing their directions and forgetting the...

The Pee Analyser

Zouk Singapore has join in to the Anti-Drunk Driving by installing the Pee Analyser. Watch the whole video and you will be surprise by...


Most Expensive Country to Watch World Cup Talk Cock Sing Song

Most Expensive Country to Watch World Cup

The exclusive broadcast rights in Singapore for the 2014 World Cup was won by SingTel and according to Media Development Authority's (MDA) cross-carriage rule,...

Be Careful When You Drive in Singapore

Seriously, I think Singaporean need to really ask themselves if they can drive. If some people thinks they can't really drive normally, please kindly...
Farting Cows Blow Up their Barn on a German Farm Talk Cock Sing Song

Farting Cows Blow Up their Barn on a German Farm

Methane gas from 90 flatulent cows exploded in a German farm shed yesterday (Jan 27), damaging the roof and injuring one of the animals,...

How Germany Drivers React to Ambulance on Siren

This post is to relate to the previous post Car Refused to Give Way to an Ambulance This is how other country drivers react to...




Singapore Little India Riot Talk Cock Sing Song

Singapore’s Little India Riot

Contaminated bubble tea pearls Talk Cock Sing Song

Contaminated bubble tea pearls

Taiwan has been hit with its very own food scandal, one that strikes at the heart of something many hold dear: bubble tea. Tapioca...
Minions Translation Talk Cock Sing Song

Minions Translation

Here, you can learn some minions language. Ready for the movie.
Singapore Future Plan for MRT Lines Talk Cock Sing Song

Singapore Future Plan for MRT Lines

Came across this image on the future plan for our Singapore MRT lines. Does anyone feels that it is abit too much for a...