Sunday, 21 October, 2018


Reason Why Japanese Trains are Never Late

Ever wonder why Japanese Trains are even late. They send their trains drivers to intensive training before they are allow to be on track....

Reckless Drivers in Viral Video Called Up for Investigations

Two drivers who engaged in a bout of reckless racing along the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) have been called up for investigations, the police...


Why Most People Hate IE Talk Cock Sing Song

Why Most People Hate IE

Developers will know best about his. Lots of people dislike IE, are you still using IE?
Singapore Lifestyle after 10pm Talk Cock Sing Song 01

Singapore Lifestyle after 10pm

Do you have somedays that you are not working tomorrow, do not feels like staying at home to sleep or do anything. Leave your...
Contaminated bubble tea pearls Talk Cock Sing Song

Contaminated bubble tea pearls

Taiwan has been hit with its very own food scandal, one that strikes at the heart of something many hold dear: bubble tea. Tapioca...
Innovative Tea Infuser Talk Cock Sing Song

Innovative Tea Infuser

As tea lovers, above is a shark tea infuser that shows the fin of the shark in your mug. Below are a rubber duck...




Skittles Arts Talk Cock Sing Song

Skittles Arts

Creative Bus Captain Advertisement Talk Cock Sing Song

Creative Bus Captain Advertisement

Creative Bus Captain/Driver ads that I came across online. This is the advertisement for New Zealand bus drivers. It is so creative that we...
Founding Father of Modern Singapore Talk Cock Sing Song

Founding Father of Modern Singapore

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's Founding Father. This is well said, all Singaporean should really appreciate what he had done for Singapore.

Woman Charged for Punching and Kicking Elderly Neighbour

The woman who was caught on video punching and kicking her elderly neighbour was charged on Monday in a district court. Casey Sabrina Ng...