Monday, 13 July, 2020
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Real Life of King of Fighters

This youtube video created by some groups showing the real life of a well known arcade game King of Fighters. It's pretty creative in...

Marksmanship 100

This game personally must be a top marksman.

404 Error – Looks like You have Found a Dead Link

This is a very creative 404 Error page for any website. Looks like we should change our 404 error page to this soon too. All...

What does Hardcore Gamer do During all 4 Seasons

This 4 images are good explanations on what hardcore gamers do during the 4 seasons in overseas.

China Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 361 and 17,200 Confirmed Cases

The number of total death toll in China's coronavirus outbreak has increase to 361 in China which already exceed China's death toll from 2002-2003...

The Game of Life

If life was a game, this will pretty much be what is going to be.