Monday, 8 March, 2021
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When Marketing Idea Goes Wrong

I assume this is sold in China. In case you do not understand mandarin, when you purchase 4 x AA batteries here, you get...

South Korea Join the Police Force Billboard Ad

Advertising the police is a challenging move to make. As usually what we see in Singapore are usually about what the police are doing...

Top 10 Criminals in Singapore

Funny but true for some part. Singapore has low crime, doesn't means no crime. Do be safe during this festival season.

Singlish Seem Much Better After You See These Part 2

This is the part 2 for the funny English translate happening around the world. And in case you miss the Part 1. This soup sound...

Made in Japan

In Singapore, somehow, most of the people have the mind sets to Japan produces good things. We wonder how true is this.

Cool Sugar for your Morning Coffee

This is pretty cool sugar for drinks. We hope some company in Singapore will make these...