Saturday, 22 February, 2020
Parenthood Part 2 Talk Cock Sing Song

Parenthood Part 2

This is something that only parent will understand. Look out for more comics from this artist. We will post them soon.
Funny Sign in Singapore Talk Cock Sing Song

Funny Sign in Singapore

This sign is found at a Beach in Singapore, should be Sentosa beach to us. This is a funny warning sign telling people not to get sun burn. But seem like some people may...
Why Most People Hate IE Talk Cock Sing Song

Why Most People Hate IE

Developers will know best about his. Lots of people dislike IE, are you still using IE?
COEs up 32 for May to July Talk Cock Sing Song

COEs up 32% for May to July

We are delighted that LTA is increasing the COE quota, but isn't it funny that they are increasing the cars COEs, but are cutting more bikes COEs? In the first place, their reason for...
Failed Newspaper Advertisement Talk Cock Sing Song

Failed Newspaper Advertisement

This is a total failure of the ads. Can you spot the failed part?

Top 10 Criminals in Singapore

Funny but true for some part. Singapore has low crime, doesn't means no crime. Do be safe during this festival season.