Saturday, 22 February, 2020
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Funny Korean MV

Came across this video and find it funny. Maybe Singapore should come out something like this and make it viral. Enjoy!

South Korean Authorities Ban Selfie Sticks

Wow, ok. This is interesting. We are more accustomed to hearing about the government just north of South Korea handing down seemingly arbitrary restrictions on...

What is Happening in Korea

Pretty true if you think about it. LOL.

Singapore Has One Of The World’s Toughest Militaries

Just another Legacy done by Lee Kuan Yew. When Lee Kuan Yew died Monday at age 91, the founding father of Singapore did not leave...

North Korea Fires 2 Short-range Missiles

There he goes again, every now and then, this happens. Seriously, what is he thinking? North Korea fired two short-range missiles off its east coast...

Most Expensive Country to Watch World Cup

The exclusive broadcast rights in Singapore for the 2014 World Cup was won by SingTel and according to Media Development Authority's (MDA) cross-carriage rule,...