Car Refused to Give Way to an Ambulance


This car refused to give way to an ambulance with siren on the expressway. By right, drivers may get fine if caught not giving ways to emergency vehicles in Singapore.

Some times, we pity those emergency vehicles drivers in Singapore. Firstly, it is in Singapore laws that they are NOT ALLOW to drive through a red light even on emergency with siren on. This include ambulance and fire department vehicles. Secondly, they need to rush on the roads with these drivers on road that do not give them ways…

You may find it weird that Singapore rules do not allow emergency vehicles on emergency to drive through a junction on a red light. We can understand why because it “May” create more accident on the road that way. You cannot blame traffic police or LTA for this, because they are correct somehow regarding this. If met with any accident due to this case, Singaporean will just claims that the lights are green and they have the right of ways.

We believe the issue here is the culture of Singapore, we are been enforce by rules and because of this, we also misuse the rules sometimes. In most countries we have been to, priority are given to all emergency vehicles. They will sound their sirens when they are near a traffic junction. All cars would stops irregardless of the color of the traffic lights in their right of way. Cars within the junctions will clear out the junction. Pedestrian will stop crossing the road even if the green man is in their rights. So it is as like the whole of that junction stops for the emergency to pass through.

We just hope someday, we are able to see this in Singapore!

Share this with all road users and please drive carefully…

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