Monday, 13 July, 2020
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Japan DragonBall Z Food Packaging Designs

Japanese is really good in their packaging design. Check these DragonBall Z food packaging designs.

Japanese New Trend

Came across this article regarding Japanese school girl wearing panties over their heads... We nearly laugh our heads off on this one. Seriously, over...

Japanese Comedian, Ken Shimura, Dies at 70 after Contracting Coronavirus

Famed Japanese comedian Ken Shimura has died after contracting novel coronavirus, according to his representatives. Shimura, 70, one of Japan's best-known comedians with a career...

Japanese Imperial Army Unit 731

Unit 731 was a convert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Japanese Imperial Army. They was infamous for performing experiments...

China Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 361 and 17,200 Confirmed Cases

The number of total death toll in China's coronavirus outbreak has increase to 361 in China which already exceed China's death toll from 2002-2003...

Made in Japan

In Singapore, somehow, most of the people have the mind sets to Japan produces good things. We wonder how true is this.