Wednesday, 18 September, 2019


Can Anyone Spot Anything Wrong?

Can you spot the wrong in this image? Share it with your friends today.

18 Year Old Girl Survives 7th Floor Fall

What could have happen? Maybe she was trying to take some clothes from outside the windows and wet feet cause her to fall? An 18-year-old...



How to Upsells and create more Sales to your Hair Salon

[youtube] See how Hair Salon in Vietnam gets more sales. Singapore Hair Salon should watch and learn from this video. Finish watching the video? Can...
Another Outstanding Security Feature Talk Cock Sing Song

Another Outstanding Security Feature

This is yet another outstanding security feature. Also see Best Security Feature.

Very Good Short Video – My Beautiful Woman

In this video named 'My Beautiful Woman' contain 3 short stories about 3 different women. The stories are very beautiful and worth every minute....
Anton Casey Mocked Singapore Public Transport Talk Cock Sing Song

Anton Casey Mocked Singapore Public Transport

A British wealth fund manager has been forced into hiding in Singapore after he apparently mocked “poor people” who used public transport and called...





Dolphin dies after China Tourist Abuse Talk Cock Sing Song

Dolphin dies after China Tourist Abuse

A dolphin died in China after being lifted out of the water by tourists who posed for photographs rather than help the stricken mammal....
Is Singapore My Home Talk Cock Sing Song

Is Singapore My Home

"Is Singapore my home, daddy?" A seemingly innocent question asked by my 4-year-old son. Early Saturday morning, I brought him to Universal Studios Singapore...
Would You Want To Be Born Again In Singapore Talk Cock Sing Song

Would You Want To Be Born Again In Singapore?

Yes, we wish life were back in the 90s, maybe not 70s or 80s, but 90s are nice. What do you think? And for...