GE2015 Election Posters at the Best Location


HAHAHA, this is power. We really wonder if the people that put these posters up did it on purpose or mistake.

The mini posters featuring the People’s Action Party (PAP) Holland-Bukit Timah GRC team, which was spotted by Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan at Ghim Moh, was put up by the area’s merchant association, the Elections Department (ELD) said.

The association has since taken the posters down, the authorities added in its press release on Saturday (Sep 5).

“ELD would like to remind everyone, including candidates and members of the public, that the display of election posters and banners must abide by the rules set out in the Parliamentary Elections (Election Advertising) Regulations,” it said.

“During an election, the Returning Officer authorises candidates and their election agents to display election posters and banners for the purpose of campaigning. No person shall display or cause to be displayed in any public place during the campaign period any poster or banner without the authorisation of the Returning Officer.”

The ELD’s statement came after Dr Chee posted the image on his Facebook page on Friday and alerted the authorities. “The SDP team is also campaigning for every vote but, please, let’s have some decency and not paste our photos where people worship,” he said then.

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