Tuesday, 19 March, 2019
Beer Troubleshooting Talk Cock Sing Song

Beer Troubleshooting

This may help if you are going out for a drink later today. Always proofread to check what is wrong.
Fighting Between Life and Death Talk Cock Sing Song

Fighting Between Life and Death

OK, maybe this is really what happens.
Failed Newspaper Advertisement Talk Cock Sing Song

Failed Newspaper Advertisement

This is a total failure of the ads. Can you spot the failed part?
The Ultimate Insult Creator Talk Cock Sing Song

The Ultimate Insult Creator

Use this if you ever need to think of words to insult. This is of great help.
Meeting with Charts Talk Cock Sing Song

Meeting with Charts

Ok people, meeting after meeting? Here is something for you to have a laugh.

Funny Korean MV

Came across this video and find it funny. Maybe Singapore should come out something like this and make it viral. Enjoy!