Tuesday, 31 March, 2020
Creative Bus Captain Advertisement Talk Cock Sing Song

Creative Bus Captain Advertisement

Creative Bus Captain/Driver ads that I came across online. This is the advertisement for New Zealand bus drivers. It is so creative that we feel that we should share this. We need to see more...

Funny Korean MV

Came across this video and find it funny. Maybe Singapore should come out something like this and make it viral. Enjoy!
Largest Burger Talk Cock Sing Song

Largest Burger

Burger Anyone? came across this article with this big burger. This burger weights about 60kg. Even the bread are specially made to have this size. We believe, just this burger alone is able to feed...
Parenthood Part 5 Talk Cock Sing Song

Parenthood Part 5

This is something that only parent will understand. Look out for more comics from this artist. We will post them soon.
Which Direction is this Lady Turning Talk Cock Sing Song

Which Direction is this Lady Turning

Can you tell which direction is this lady turning? Clockwise or anti-clockwise? This is a type of moving animated optical illusion. There are also some static NON animated optical illusion images too. You can...
Cannibal Happening in New Zealand Talk Cock Sing Song

Cannibal Happening in New Zealand

Latest news happening in New Zealand, Cannibal found.