Wednesday, 21 April, 2021
Colour Optical Illusion Talk Cock Sing Song

Colour Optical Illusion

Only the colours have change in this gif, no movement was done on the image. How cool is it...

Oppa Cai Shen Dao – Chinese New Year Gangnam Style

I know we are getting enough of these, but seriously, we got to give this video author the credit for his/her creative in the lyrics. This did make us laugh for a few minutes....
Can Cheese Burger Talk Cock Sing Song

Can Cheese Burger

We really wonder who came up with this idea at first. Seriously? Cheese burger in a can? The instruction is simple, heat up the whole can, open up and eat. Will you try it if...
Why Beer is Always Good, They are the Best Talk Cock Sing Song

Why Beer is Always Good, They are the Best

Save this in your phone and show to anyone that tells you beer is bad.
LEGO Creative Bus-stop Ad in Singapore Talk Cock Sing Song

LEGO Creative Bus-stop Ad in Singapore

As children, we would make up our imaginary worlds in our heads – one where anything was possible. We would turn those worlds into reality, thanks to Lego. The creative team at Lego understood...

Extremely Scary Corpse Elevator Prank

This is the same elevator from the last prank with that scary girl. You can watch that older one here. I think most of us may shit ourselves if we are pranked by this......