Saturday, 27 November, 2021
Nice Smart Car Modification Talk Cock Sing Song

Nice Smart Car Modification

These are some of the modification of the Smart Car. How we wish we would have a chance to drive one, especially the Tank mod. That would be very cool. Below are more of other...
Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko Talk Cock Sing Song

Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

This is damn cool. Came across this image of a gecko that is so rare. Look at the purple and the red of the wings. And the name of this animal is so cool...
Funny Sign in Singapore Talk Cock Sing Song

Funny Sign in Singapore

This sign is found at a Beach in Singapore, should be Sentosa beach to us. This is a funny warning sign telling people not to get sun burn. But seem like some people may...
Ralph Lauren Logo getting Bigger Over the Years Talk Cock Sing Song

Ralph Lauren Logo getting Bigger Over the Years

Seem like Ralph Lauren logo is getting bigger over the years. And guess what will happen to the logo this year? And what about year 2020?
Best Idea on Packed Buses or Trains Talk Cock Sing Song

Best Idea on Packed Buses or Trains

Worried of no area to hold on to on a packed bus or train? Do not worry, see how this girl solve this problem. Anyone wants to try?
Men Chart Talk Cock Sing Song

Men Chart

This is damn true. So ladies, do keep this in your mind. This circle chart seem to show what should be the correct information on men. What do you think about it. LOL