MOM Warns Employers Not to Send Healthy Workers to Hospitals for Covid-19 Test


MOM has warned all employers not to send employees to hospitals unless there is a medical emergency. Hospitals has reported that employers were dropping off workers to have them tested for the coronavirus even the workers are not sick. They are treating Singapore hospital as a test station at the moment.

Employers who act irresponsibly by misusing medical facilities may have their work pass privileges suspended.

Mr Kevin Teoh, divisional director of MOM’s foreign manpower management division, said the ministry had been getting feedback from hospitals that employers were sending their workers to be tested for Covid-19, as the disease is now known.

Mr Teoh reminded employers that hospitals will not test individuals who are well so to ensure that medical facilities and resources are focused on unwell individuals who need medical treatment.

A worker who is unwell should be sent to a general practitioner, who will then assess if the worker needs to be taken to hospital.

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