PRC Tourists Refused to Pay at 5 Star Hotel in Orchard


Well, seem like PRC having the new way of cheating in Singapore, and guess what, Singapore business has no way to stop them.

Read the story and it started with the grandfather not knowing how to use the motorised blind… what??? Even for that, how did he fell? If he forcefully pull the blind open, while holding on to the blind, how can he fall? The hotel manager pay for the $300 meal and send the PRC family away, it seem like it the best thing the hotel could do and somehow we felt that this PRC family got what they wanted…

A family of tourists from Beijing, People’s Republic of China, refused to pay for meals and lodging at an unnamed 5 star hotel in Orchard. What is really shocking here is that the Singapore Police was called in and did nothing. In the end, the hotel manager even had to pay out of his own pocket to send the PRC family away.

The PRC family of 5 consists of two grandparents, a married couple and a young girl. The incident happened on Monday (Oct 12) and started with the PRC grandfather falling down after he did not know how to use the motorised blind in the hotel room. As he sustained minor abrasion to his arm and knees, the hotel service staff suggested to called the ambulance. However the old man said it was alright. On the next day, the PRC man made a ruckus and demanded the 5 star hotel to pay for medical compensation. The hotel then offered to pay for the hospital checkup, medical fees and transport.

However the PRC man then made further demands asking for free lodging and free provision of all expenses from the hotel. The man then made his way to a restaurant and ordered S$300 worth of food and left the restaurant without paying. He then became very loud and made another scene at the hotel lobby after he was locked out of his room when he passed his room check-out timing.

The Singapore Police was called in and did nothing. In the end, the hotel manager paid for the S$300 meal and send the PRC family away.

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