Honda Civic Road Bully Charged with Rash Driving


Hopefully he will learn his lesson, but we always believe that a leopard will never change it spots. We have a feeling that this will not be the last we hear from him.

The driver of a Honda Civic who has been branded a “road bully” by netizens because of two viral videos showing him driving aggressively was charged in court on Wednesday.

Quek Zhen Hao faces three charges — two counts of driving in a rash manner and one of “displaying threatening behaviour” to a woman driver.

The prosecution will proceed with two charges if the 25-year-old pleads guilty.

One incident allegedly took place on January 28 at around 9.10am along Petir Road and Dairy Farm Road.

Quek is accused of swerving and cutting abruptly without signalling into the path of a woman driver.

He apparently did this before applying his brakes on three occasions, causing her to brake hard to avoid a collision.

He had also allegedly alighted from his car and approached the woman, with the “intent to cause alarm and distress”.

The next day, at around 12.50pm, Quek was allegedly involved in a similar incident along Choa Chu Kang Drive.

He is accused of tailgating a car, cutting into its path without signalling and braking abruptly.

Quek indicated in court on Wednesday that he intends to plead guilty.

His case will be heard again on May 29.

If convicted of rash driving, he could be jailed for up to six months and fined S$1,000.

The maximum sentence for displaying threatening behaviour is a fine of S$2,000.

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