Funny Man at Cold Storage Sime Darby Centre


Well, let’s make him popular. He has the right to scream about customer service but he has no right to use verbal abuse. Hope he gets what he deserved soon.

This male aggressor barged in at the Delicatessen counter and demanded a Pioneer Generation staff “Huey Li” to throw away a sweet wrapper for him, whilst she was attending to me. As she was handling ham, she redirected another colleague Vicnicswari who is nearer to the kitchen bin to attend to him.

It pissed him off that he again interrupted the staff attending to me yelling “WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS?! I ONLY ASKED YOU TO THROW AWAY A SWEET WRAPPER!”. Due to his middle-finger pointing aggressiveness at the elderly staff, I told him to calm down, it’s already thrown and there are plenty of bins at the main entrance only 4 metres ahead of him.

He turned his aggression towards me yelling “Mind your own business” whilst pointing his middle finger at my face aggressively and said “Fuck You!”. I warned him I will call the police on such verbal abuse. He challenged me “Fuck You! Go ahead! Nobody heard! Who see it?!”.

I pointed to the CCTV whilst the duty manager got hold of the store manager Don. While we waited for the police to arrive, Don confronted him not to be verbally abusive to his staff and customer in his store, that he should behave like a gentleman. Which he twisted it to a complain on the store’s customer service level. We followed him around the store which he eventually escaped 20minutes before the police arrived from Bukit Panjang.

His “wife” visibly scanned my empty trolley and confronted the store manager that she is a bigger shopper and has perishable food (which there were none other than tissues, toilet rolls and canned food), she can’t wait for the police and drive off. He laughed exiting “get the police to call me Lah!”

The police left instructions to the store manager that should this man come to Cold Storage Sime Darby Centre again, to call 999 with the case number.

Funny Man at Cold Storage Sime Darby Centre Talk Cock Sing Song

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