K-pop Star Hunt 3 Finalist Don’t Feel Proud to Be a Singaporean


Stephanie Koh, the controversial local finalist on the region-wide K-pop Star Hunt 3 contest, has courted yet more headlines by saying that she’s not proud to be a Singaporean.

The 21-year-old freelance graphic designer found herself in the spotlight when she shot her mouth off on the show, saying that she will “attack…scratch…and kill” the manager if she had to surrender her phone to the organisers during the competition.

In an interview with RazorTV, Koh admitted to shooting her mouth off too quick for comfort, but later shot herself in the foot by making yet another controversial comment.

Explaining whether she was bothered that her behaviour on the show may portray Singaporeans in a bad light, Stephanie said she “would not be bothered about representing this country because, to be honest, I don’t really feel proud to be Singaporean’.

She went on to explain that her feelings were brought about by people in Singapore being ‘small-minded’.

“Everyone here is submissive; everyone here don’t know how to think out of the box,” she said.

“No one here is creative. Everyone here just thinks the same way and follow the same rules. It’s too rigid for my taste.”

When asked if she identified herself as a Singaporean, she replied that she saw herself as ‘one of a kind’.

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