Road Hogger Road Hogging


Imagine taking your own sweet time going for dinner after your work, window shopping around just to avoid the heavy road traffic condition after work. After a long tired day at work everything in your mind is telling you to get home soon so you could turn in early. Good… Good luck to your trip. Driving in lane 1 of a three lanes expressway, expecting the speed of that lane to be faster than other two lanes, but NAY… there you go, a car moving at 75km/h stucks all the cars behind it. Lane 2 are at a speed of about 70km/h and lane 1, impossible to go with all the big lorries there. Just another day in Singapore…

Road hogging issue has been a major problem in Singapore road for years. Something which I feel that all drivers driving or not driving should really be thinking about this. These are the worse drivers, even worse than those that speed off when you speed up on them, at least these speeding off cars are not hogging the road.

Honestly, nobody will blame if you wish to go slow, but please do it at the correct lane. I just cannot understand why would anyone wants to jam up the whole right lane when they can just join in the slower lanes if they can move at the speed they wants. Seriously, as a driver, how hard can it be to change to a slower lane to let others move on. I do not see a reason not to do so. Hopefully someday, driving in Singapore would be a better experience than now.

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