Businessman Jailed for Offering Traffic Cop a Bribe


A businessman was jailed for one week on Tuesday for offering a bribe to a traffic cop in return for not taking action against him for a traffic offence.

Ang Tiong, 69, the vice-chairman of Glit Holdings, pleaded guilty to corruptly offering a bribe in the form of a job offer to Corporal Jeremy Seet Ban Kok along MacPherson Road on March 12 this year. Cpl Seet was patrolling MacPherson Road that day when he saw Ang driving his black Mercedes-Benz car carelessly. He signalled Ang to pull over.

Cpl Seet asked for his driving licence and identification card and told Ang that he had committed a traffic offence of careless driving. Ang admitted that he was wrong and explained that he was in a rush to attend a meeting with an American company, He then pleaded with Cpl Seet to give him a chance.

Cpl Seet said he would be issuing Ang a summons, and the penalty for the offence was a fine of $150 and six demerit points. Ang again pleaded for leniency, He said he was issued a summons recently and had accumulated 12 demerit points. He asked the officer to reduce the penalty to three demerit points or issue him with a summons for any other offence which did not attract demerit points, but Cpl Seet said it was not possible.

We are here just to say a thing: “DON’T PLAY PLAY IN SINGAPORE!!!”

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