Tuesday, 19 February, 2019
New Subaru Model - Scubaru Talk Cock Sing Song

New Subaru Model – Scubaru

Came across this image online and find it funny and a shame not to share this. Share this with your friends today.
Gamers Dream Room Talk Cock Sing Song

Gamers Dream Room

This is the only dream room all gamers will need. It consist of all gaming consoles from old to new. If we ever have this room in our office, we will not hesitate to...
Which Car Should Go First Talk Cock Sing Song

Which Car Should Go First?

Looks like these 3 drivers have no idea about this question yet. That is what happen when you have no idea who got the right of way?

Help Us Solve This Maze

Can anyone help us to solve this maze?
Drivers Please Read! Talk Cock Sing Song

Drivers Please Read!

We believe that all Road user should know this. This is very important.
What to Do When a Bear Appear Talk Cock Sing Song

What to Do When a Bear Appear

Had a great laugh. What to do when a bear appear?