Tuesday, 19 February, 2019

Real Life of King of Fighters

This youtube video created by some groups showing the real life of a well known arcade game King of Fighters. It's pretty creative in some ways if you know the game well.
Mesmerizing Animation Talk Cock Sing Song

Mesmerizing Animation

This is a mesmerizing animation that is pretty weird. If you cover the center part of the animation, the animation will go faster, if you cover both the sides, the animation will go slower. Try...
MOM Lodges Police Report on 2nd Duplicate Website Talk Cock Sing Song

MOM Lodges Police Report on 2nd Duplicate Website

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has lodged a police report about a second duplicate of its corporate website. Posting on its Facebook page on Sunday, the ministry cautioned members of the public on the small...

90’s kids will Understand these

If you are born in the 80's or 90's, you should know at least most of them. Good recall of what we use to had. Love some of the lines which is correct, "The only...
Bewares of Phone Calls from Cheats Posing as ICA Officers Talk Cock Sing Song

Businessman Jailed for Offering Traffic Cop a Bribe

A businessman was jailed for one week on Tuesday for offering a bribe to a traffic cop in return for not taking action against him for a traffic offence. Ang Tiong, 69, the vice-chairman of...
Creative Easter Eggs Designs Talk Cock Sing Song

Creative Easter Eggs Designs

Check out all these creative easter eggs designs that we found online and we thought we should share them. From Southpark, Star Wars, Simpson, Mario... etc... Do email us if you have more to add...