Hairy Stockings


Now that summertime is here, young and presumably attractive girls in China are having real problems keeping stalkers away. Someone has created a product that solves that problem – the hairy stockings. These stockings, as the name says, recreate the look that you would get if you didn’t shave for a decade. Also, you would have to be a man to achieve this look.

This photo has been conveyed by China Smack, and I guess the line is marketed as a tool for weeding out unwanted suitors while carrying on with daily activities such as using the subway or going to school and work. The product is described as a “full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out.”

Some users find the stockings useless and a poor excuse for pants, while others worry about them rendering you unattractive even to men you would like to be approached by.

So, anyone in Singapore is interested in this stocking? HAHA!

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