Female Driver Blocks Lot 1 Carpark Exit for Over an Hour


Stomp contributor M was stuck in the Lot 1 carpark for over an hour after a woman refused to move her car, bearing the licence plate number SJR 392E, from the exit because her complimentary ticket had some issues.

The contributor said the woman did not move her car when Lot 1 staff and passers-by tried to talk to her, and even refused to drive away when police arrived.
She reportedly only moved when police told her that they would have to arrest her if she did not move. She also told the staff that she won’t move, even when the barrier was raised for her.

Some who came across the videos of the incident on Facebook, shared by user Ridwan Tan, have questioned why the woman did not just pay the toll and leave and instead, chose to block everyone who was trying to exit the carpark.

M elaborates:
“This woman refused to leave even after police arrive on the scene. She held up every car in the mall, including families with innocent kids, for more than an hour due to some problem with her complimentary ticket.

“Cars were lined up all the way to Basement two, including mine. I saw the incident at 9.30pm, but I was told it started since before 9pm. It ended at around 10pm.

“She refused to wind down her window, and only did so when a crowd formed outside her car. Lot 1 security and management asked her politely to reverse her car so that they could solve the problem, but she refused.

“Passers-by then started talking to her, and some addressed her politely. She still refused to budge. This was when some people in the crowd got agitated and started throwing remarks at her. Some even yelled at her.”

This is why we keep saying, some Singaporean need to take a break. Not everyone can take the stress level in Singapore. LOL

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