China Passengers Throw Meal Boxes and Water Bottles over Airport Service Counter


Well, this is China, I feel that China citizen may need some Anger Management? They people are always getting agitated for waiting somehow. Sigh, poor Airport staffs as the flight was delayed due to a storm, not due to man made issues.

Chinese passengers created a commotion at Shenzhen’s Baoan Airport last week, throwing meal boxes and bottles at China Southern Airlines’ service counter and even threatening its staff with violence.

The incident started at about 7pm when nearly a thousand passengers at Baoan Airport were informed that their flights would be delayed due to heavy thunderstorms.

A passenger Mr Wang told the Southern Metropolitan Daily that people started getting agitated about four hours later when there was no sign that their flights were resuming.

Mr Wang said that they were asking for financial compensation and demanding for food and accommodation.

The airline delivered free food and drinks at about 11pm. By then, the quarrels had worsened.

Mr Wang said he saw a man hurl his meal box over the counter. More meal boxes, mineral water bottles, and instant noodle cups followed, creating a mess in the airport.

One man reportedly climbed over the counter to beat up one of the staff, and was quickly taken away by the police. Poor staff that was beaten up. Sigh.

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