Thursday, 9 April, 2020
Nice Smart Car Modification Talk Cock Sing Song

Nice Smart Car Modification

These are some of the modification of the Smart Car. How we wish we would have a chance to drive one, especially the Tank mod. That would be very cool. Below are more of other...
Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko Talk Cock Sing Song

Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

This is damn cool. Came across this image of a gecko that is so rare. Look at the purple and the red of the wings. And the name of this animal is so cool...
What Media is Really Doing to Us Talk Cock Sing Song

What Media is Really Doing to Us

Control the media, control the world! This is somehow correct. In most country, media is not always showing the correct of what the citizens should know, but instead, they are showing what the government...

India & Pakistan Border Ceremony

This is the ceremony for India and Pakistan Border. To what we understand, these 2 countries are not on very good terms, but at this border, they will compete with each other to see...

Amazing Shadow Dance Show

Wow, we just feel that we need to share this with everyone. This is really cool. What do you think? Do share this to more readers!
Singapore Future Plan for MRT Lines Talk Cock Sing Song

Singapore Future Plan for MRT Lines

Came across this image on the future plan for our Singapore MRT lines. Does anyone feels that it is abit too much for a country this size? LOL. But, it's not a bad thing...




Home Workout Talk Cock Sing Song

Home Workout