Buangkok Residents Stand-Off with AVA


We have no idea what to say, maybe it is AVA job to keep stray free. But somehow, we feel that maybe GOV should just control the purchase of pet, like how they control every other things else. Example, setting a huge amount of fee for new pet purchase, adoption pets will be free. That way, we can stop pet being delivered to Singapore for selling.

The Police had to be called in to a tense stand-off between residents in Buangkok and the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) after residents stopped officers from trapping stray dogs to put to sleep.

Some of the residents in Buangkok have been feeding the stray dogs there for many years but after someone lodged a complaint about being chased by stray dogs, the AVA went in to trap them and put them down.

The feeders who have lovingly looked after the dogs there have been taking leave from work and staying up late into the night over the past week to try and fend off the AVA officers and prevent strays from being caught. They came prepared with whistles and horns to scare away the dogs so AVA can’t get them.

Between Thursday and Saturday last week, AVA officers were seen setting traps and putting out cages to catch stray dogs citing that they had already received about 120 complaints this year from the area.

However, last Saturday, residents confronted the officers and a tense 2 hour stand-off resulted. Police had to be called in but after reminding the two parties not to cause disturbance to others, they left saying that no further police assistance was required as the residents were already peaceful.

In the end, AVA officers left empty handed but feeders, suspecting that they may be back, have been unable to rest well.

According to a notice from the Jalan Kayu RC, there have already been 16 stray dogs caught in the area and “taken away safely” since August. At least 4 of these dogs have already been put down.

The stray dogs in Buangkok have been around for a long time with many of them hanging out at construction sites as they are fed there and are welcome by the companies as they can also act as guard dogs. Behind Buangkok, there are several construction sites and there is also a small forested area in the estate.

However, when the buildings are completed, the dogs have nowhere to go and end up coming to the more populated residential areas.

Recently, there was also a case of 10 three-week old puppies being caught by AVA and separated from their mother. After residents raised concerns about the dogs’ futures, they were handed over to a dog rescuer who is now looking for foster carers.

After this incident, many dog lovers in the area were angry with AVA and this is part of the reason for the tense stand-off last week.

Despite the resistance, AVA officers insist that they are just doing their job in response to complaints that they have received from other residents in the area.

They also explained that rabies, a fatal disease which can be transmitted to humans from being bitten by an infected animal is still endemic in the region and so they have to take necessary precautions. However, the disease hasn’t been reported here in over 60 years.

An AVA spokesman said: “While we understand the public’s concern for the animals, we would like to advise them not to hinder our trapping operations. Obstruction of public duties is an offence and is liable, upon conviction, to a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment up to 12 months.”

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