Cheap Google Glass in Singapore


Anyone looking for Cheap Google Glass in Singapore. This above google glass has a lot of new features. We are looking for more people to chip in to get better discount.


  • Use as sun shades and look cool in it
  • Tells you the current time. You need to either lift up your hand with watch or look at your phone
  • Say “Take a picture” to the glass and also make the camera sound with your mouth. Then imagine that the photo is taken
  • Video recording hands-free as video will be recorded into your mind via your eyes
  • Tell your friends what you are seeing. Provided your friends are beside you at that moment
  • Maps applications are available provided you can find the play store in this glass
  • You can try to speak to it to send a message, but most properly it will not send your message
  • Ask the glass questions and wait for the answers. Yes, WAIT…
  • Not sure if it is that strong, but it is SUPER light weight
  • Revolutionary design

Do you like the our Google glass? LOL

Cheap Google Glass in Singapore Talk Cock Sing Song

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Ronald Chong
11 years ago

Haha. Nice one. Nice one.

Ronald Chong
9 years ago

Haha. Nice one. Nice one.