Saturday, 19 January, 2019
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Video of Student Shouting at Teacher and Demanding an Apology

In this video, the teacher told the student to stop running around and sit down for a few times and shouted 1 last time...

Employment Act Take Effect in Singapore

This ain't April Fool joke. From Tuesday, managers and executives earning a basic monthly salary of up to S$4,500 will get legislative protection against...

Car’s Average Speed Camera in Singapore Roads

Habitual speedsters, watch out - new cameras that "know" your average travelling speed are up and running. Unlike with the spot speed cameras in...

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Check this video out. This is a joke video on Professor X firing Wolverine as he finds him useless in their X-Men.

Meeting with Charts

Ok people, meeting after meeting? Here is something for you to have a laugh.

What to Do When a Bear Appear

Had a great laugh. What to do when a bear appear?