Sunday, 25 February, 2018
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Employment Act Take Effect in Singapore

This ain't April Fool joke. From Tuesday, managers and executives earning a basic monthly salary of up to S$4,500 will get legislative protection against...

Video of Student Shouting at Teacher and Demanding an Apology

In this video, the teacher told the student to stop running around and sit down for a few times and shouted 1 last time...

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Check this video out. This is a joke video on Professor X firing Wolverine as he finds him useless in their X-Men.

Car’s Average Speed Camera in Singapore Roads

Habitual speedsters, watch out - new cameras that "know" your average travelling speed are up and running. Unlike with the spot speed cameras in...

Meeting with Charts

Ok people, meeting after meeting? Here is something for you to have a laugh.

What to Do When a Bear Appear

Had a great laugh. What to do when a bear appear?